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Weather Window to Cross the Gulf to the Bahamas

We are still in Vero… waiting for a weather window to cross the Gulf  to the Bahamas.  We will cross from Lake Worth inlet, but we are still in Vero because of the nice facilities here at the marina and the bus availablity.  The  cruisers have nicknamed Vero Beach “Velcro Beach” because it is so easy to stay here.

We are on a mooring ball making sure all the systems are working.  Everything seems to be working well, but we still need to test the water maker.  We want to wait until we are in clean ocean water (Ft. Pierce inlet or Lake Worth inlet) to test it.

Watching for a weather window we use all the data we can get:

  • Internet sites (Passageweather.com, etc.)
  • NOAA Weather broadcasts on the VHF
  • Satellite Weather on our chartplotter
  • GRIB Weather files on our navigation software

Currently winds are SW 23 G 39 mph, seas 1-3 meters (3.28 ft in a meter), so this is clearly not good crossing weather.  We are looking for winds not out of the North, not high and a sea state that won’t kick our ass.  Want to join in on the fun?  Start watching with us and email us when you think we should go!

In the meantime we are hanging out on the boat, learning the new navigation equipment, and I am reading about weather.  I haven’t killed George yet, so whomever of his friends had last week in the pool, they lost 🙂

Grateful for it all…