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The Farm

It all started with kitchen pipes bursting and flooding the farm house.  Daddy’s farm house (aka man cave) in Melbourne was in a shambles after all his belongings had been boxed, furniture placed in a pod and flooring replaced.  He asked if we could come and help him put things back to together and live at the Farm while we are not cruising on the boat so we could help with maintaining the house.

Perfect timing!  We wanted to do some projects on the boat that would be very messy, making it difficult to live on the boat while the projects were going on.

So life got a little crazy with the Farm clean up and the boat projects.  But we are enjoying the Farm and all the beauty it has to offer.  It also provides a home base for us while we move the boat south this Fall.




Barn kitties, Rosie & Madeleine.


The Barn & “Red” the 23 year old sweet horse.


The Farm House.

susan sanding on stormy monday 2

Boat Projects

We have moved the boat to Vero Beach where she is on a mooring so we can check out all of her systems.  The head is having issues (again) and George is working on getting it fixed.  We will spend time on her in Vero, then start heading south after Thanksgiving.

Since I received a diagnosis a few months ago of “Hypotension” and heat seems to lower my blood pressure to the point that I become sick, we are going to try winter in the Bahamas instead of summer.

Please, join us on our journey.


Grateful for it all…

Weather Window to Cross the Gulf to the Bahamas

We are still in Vero… waiting for a weather window to cross the Gulf  to the Bahamas.  We will cross from Lake Worth inlet, but we are still in Vero because of the nice facilities here at the marina and the bus availablity.  The  cruisers have nicknamed Vero Beach “Velcro Beach” because it is so easy to stay here.

We are on a mooring ball making sure all the systems are working.  Everything seems to be working well, but we still need to test the water maker.  We want to wait until we are in clean ocean water (Ft. Pierce inlet or Lake Worth inlet) to test it.

Watching for a weather window we use all the data we can get:

  • Internet sites (Passageweather.com, etc.)
  • NOAA Weather broadcasts on the VHF
  • Satellite Weather on our chartplotter
  • GRIB Weather files on our navigation software

Currently winds are SW 23 G 39 mph, seas 1-3 meters (3.28 ft in a meter), so this is clearly not good crossing weather.  We are looking for winds not out of the North, not high and a sea state that won’t kick our ass.  Want to join in on the fun?  Start watching with us and email us when you think we should go!

In the meantime we are hanging out on the boat, learning the new navigation equipment, and I am reading about weather.  I haven’t killed George yet, so whomever of his friends had last week in the pool, they lost 🙂

Grateful for it all…

Hello from Vero Beach…

We are still in Vero!  A few things cropped up for us to deal with… the sink faucet in the galley was leaking, but George was able to fix it with new valves.  We noticed we were still listing to Port so we are still rearranging provisions on the boat to better balance the load.  We also noticed that the fridge/freezer is not as cold as it should be, we are waiting on someone to come and look at it for us.

We are also going through some of the new systems on board.  We installed a new Furuno navigation suite which includes a chart plotter, integrated radar, satellite weather and radio.  We also purchased the MaxSea software to communicate with the chart plotter.  MaxSea allows us to do route planning on the computer and send the route to the chart plotter.  It will also (the manual says) allow us to input weather GRIB files and help us plot routes that will get us to our destination in the fastest possible time given the wind conditions forecast.  Cool!  Now we just need to figure out how to do that…

We have started a list of things we want to change on the boat, and at the top of the list is to have the energy from the solar panels divert to the water heater once they have topped off the batteries.  We haven’t needed to run the engine since we got here on Monday, so we don’t have hot water, which translates to cold showers.

Each morning we dinghy into the marina and I go for a walk.  As I have been walking I have reflected on our journey to this point.  George and I met in Apirl 2001, which was the same week he bought Stormy Monday.  Our first date was on Stormy.  We talked about our mutual dreams to retire and cruise on a sailboat.  Stormy was a “fixer upper” and need a lot of work, so as our relationship developed we also worked on Stormy to make her a safe and comfortable cruising boat.  In 2007 we set a date for retirement of Nov 2010… but there were a lot of setbacks (Hurricane Wilma, the economy, unemployment, etc.).  Finally, in 2012 it became a reality.  We feel very blessed to be able to live our dream.

We are already adjusting to the lifestyle.  If someone asks “Are you going to go to so-and-so?” we just answer “Not today!.”  We are in no hurry and are just taking our time and enjoying ourselves.

Grateful for it all…