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It is time to leave Marsh Harbour…

It is time to leave Marsh Harbour, but I think we did the island justice.


Jib Room: The Jib Room seems to be the cruiser’s hub on land.  It is on the East side of the anchorage and their motto is “it is worth coming to the other side…”  It is a family run marina and restaurant with a pool and laundry facilities.  They have a BBQ special on Wednesday’s and Steak night on Saturday’s.  Following the meals there is entertainment…  Rake & Scrape and Desmond the Limbo Man.  Must do evening while in Marsh Harbour.

Snappas, Mangoes and Curly Tails:  These restaurants are right on the water in the downtown area and offer the quintessential Bahamian menu… Fish, Conch, Burgers, etc.  A lot of it is fried and all of it is good.

We took the Albury Ferry to Hope Town ($27 roundtrip, ~20 minutes 1 way).  I think that Hope Town is the quaintest of all the settlements here in the Abacos.  Hope Town pictures.

We snorkeled at Mermaid Reef.  Mermaid Reef is considered the best reef for “beginners” since you can swim to it form shore and it is rather shallow.  The reef is not very colorful but there are a lot of fish.

We had a beautiful sail to Great Guanna Cay to go to Nipper’s and Grabber’s for the day on Two Step (catamaran) and a quick powerboat ride back to Marsh Harbour courtesy of Dickie & Nan.

We enjoyed the cottage Merrilee stayed in (Pelican Beach Villas).  It was on a beautiful peninsula very near Mermaid Reef.  Just gorgeous.

But it is time for us move along and see other islands here in the Abacos…

Marsh Harbour Pictures  (added new ones to the end of the gallery)

Great Guanna Cay Pictures (added new ones to the end of the gallery)

Grateful for it all…