The Cat

Okra – December 2001

George and I had been dating about 8 months when we went up to South Carolina to celebrate my Grandfathers 98th birthday.  When we got to the farm, my Dad introduced me to a little black cat that was a stray and had been hanging out by the farm house.  She was so sweet!  She followed us everywhere that day as we walked around the pecan trees and cotton fields.

It was a very quick decision for me, but I told George, we are taking her home with us and her name is “Okra”!  My Grandfather was “Okra King” in South Carolina and had planted and sold Okra for years.  So it seemed a appropriate name for the little black cat.

She very sweetly sat on my lap for the entire 8 hour drive home without as much as a peep.  We took her to the vet and got all of the typical “stray” animal type issues dealt with.  She has been a member of our family ever since…

When we moved onto the boat over Christmas 2012, Okra went to live with my Sister, Sandy.  Sandy and Oka love each other very much and she is in a very good loving home.




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