Plan B

After a false start for the Bahamas, we returned to Melbourne to get the head fixed and check on George’s Dad who went into the hospital (very happy to report he is home and recovering nicely after a hernia operation.)  Immediately after our return, I started having issues with low blood pressure.  After a couple of weeks of being ill, seeing the Dr. and waiting for blood work, it turns out they can find nothing wrong with me.  After adding Himalayan pink salt to my water for a few days I was back to normal.  So what the heck was that!?

After much discussion, George and I hypothesize that I am perhaps sensitive to heat.  It was very hot while we were in Vero Beach.  We talked about continuing onto the Bahamas, but instead decided to spend the winter there, to avoid the heat.  We certainly do not want another health scare episode like last year.

Decision made…. now what the heck are we going to do all summer?  We don’t really want to stay at the dock doing boat projects all summer.  hmmm…  Road trip!  I have been stalking websites (i.e. where you find house/pet sitting listings.  The listings are all over the world and range from weeks to months.  The gig may include taking care of pets (cats, dogs, ducks, horses, chickens, etc.) or no pets at all.  Generally, no money exchanges hands, but appears to be a win-win situation for the host and sitters.  I am very  happy to report that we have our first house/dog sitting gig in Prairieville, LA for 2 weeks in June.  We are looking forward to the road trip and the opportunity to explore Louisiana.  And don’t you know, New Orleans will be one of the first stops!

Stay tuned, we will post some pictures from LA…

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