Wanna buy a boat?

Wow, did I just say that?!   Apparently!

When we retired nearly 3 years ago to move aboard Stormy Monday and go cruising we had dreams of taking her as far we wanted to travel.  I am reminded “Man plans, God laughs” – Yiddish proverb

We had an amazing time cruising for months in the Bahamas, and truly it was worth all the planning and hard work to get Stormy ready to go cruising.  But when we returned many variables took over our life including my health issues and our elderly parents needing support.  We aborted a trip to the Bahamas in March 2014 because my blood pressure dropped and George Sr. went into the hospital.  Again we tried, we staged the boat in West Palm Beach, FL December 2014 while we came home for the holidays.  With great sadness we said goodbye to George Sr. over the holidays and needed to stay in town to take care of his estate.

While all this was going on, George could only sit back and watch and provide care where needed.  Our boat was our entire life, and it wasn’t going anywhere.  He felt trapped and bored, so he found other passions to enjoy.  He bought his dream car and spent time racing around the Sebring race track and taking road trips.  He has put > 10k miles on that car since he bought it 9 months ago!  He also started getting serious about his guitar playing, and has put together a “band” that he practices with out in the Red Barn on the property here at the farm.  George has never been a good multi-tasker!  LOL  It seems he has moved on, and no longer has the passion to give all our resources to a big boat.

So she is for sale…  And that’s ok.  I made up my own saying “Glorious experiences may lie in the ruin of our previous plans.”

Will we buy another big boat?  Who knows!  We tinker with the idea of buying a trawler to travel the Great Loop.  For now I think we will take a break from the time, expense, and responsibility that a big boat requires and do a little travel on planes, trains and automobiles.  But don’t be surprised if you see us on the river on a small sailboat, we might be able to say goodbye to Stormy but not to sailing!

If you would like to see pictures and specs regarding Stormy Monday, please click here.

Grateful for it all…

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