Choices and Priorties…

Life is about choices and choices are usually driven by our priorities. George and I share similar priorities, the most precious to us being our family. We are deeply grateful for every member of our family. It was great sorrow that we said goodbye to George’s father George Sr over the Christmas holidays.

George, being the oldest son, decided lovingly that we would remain in Florida while he managed his father’s estate.

RIP George Sr., you will be deeply missed.  We are comforted to know you are with your beloved wife, Alice.

Alice & George Sr. Wedding Day

Alice & George Sr. Wedding Day


We are hopeful to resume our cruising plans in March.

Update March 25:  We continue to have events present themselves that are of a much higher priority then sailing off on Stormy.  My Mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  We will remain here in Melbourne to provide support while she is treated

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